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Osteopathy - Arthritis

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A large amount of our time at the Worcester Osteopathic and Acupuncture Clinic is spent in dealing with the pain and suffering caused to patients as a result of arthritis.

Many people mistakenly assume that arthritis is untreatable and that they must learn to live with their symptoms.

In many cases, we help considerably to relieve the pain and improve the quality of life for arthritis sufferers.

Why Osteopathy?
At the clinic we may well require x-rays, blood tests or even MRI scans to assess the extent of your condition. If we felt these were indicated we would make the necessary arrangements.

There are many popular misconceptions about arthritis. For example:

  • Degenerative change on x-rays means that nothing can be done
  • My doctor says all I can do is to take pain killers or anti-inflammatories

Nobody can reverse the changes which have taken place but osteopathic treatment can do so much to reduce pain, ease swelling and improve mobility and range of joint movement.

You don't have to live with any of these:

  • Neck pain
  • Pain
  • Low back pain
  • Swelling
  • Hip pain
  • Lack of mobility
  • Early morning stiffness

Our treatment is aimed at improving mobility and reducing inflammatory processes by using gentle, manual osteopathic techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments.

You will be given positive advice related to your lifestyle about how you use your body. Age is no barrier to osteopathy since each patient is considered individually.

Exercises to do at home may also be prescribed to improve the way joints work, even though they may be worn, and to reduce muscle spasm. Exercise in warm water or salt baths may also be recommended.

Osteopathy is not a cure-all and there are times when surgery may be necessary - such as hip replacement when you will be referred to a specialist via your GP. However osteopathy can help with rehabilitation after surgery.

Visiting an Osteopath
When you visit the Worcester Osteopathic and Acupuncture Clinic for the first time a full medical history will be taken and you will be given an examination.

You will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing and to perform a simple series of movements so that the mobility of your body can be evaluated. Any points of weakness, excessive strain or specific injury will be identified.

This musculo-skeletal assessment will be considered alongside your lifestyle - your work and leisure activities - to enable a full diagnosis and suitable treatment plan to be determined which is specific to you.


  • Osteopaths treat patients with arthritis every day.
  • You may not have to put up with your pain.
  • Osteopaths can help you with treatment and advise on self-help.
  • Osteopaths are highly skilled practitioners.